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Newcastle Ontario



10 Years Experience


For over 10 years, New Castle Printing has provided organizations from across the GTA, Clarington & Durham Region with exceptional design and printing services.  We do not spend vast sums of money on sales staff, retail location or fancy automated and an animated websites. These many cost saving measures means we do not need to burry operation costs in our prices.  Simply put, we save money, and so do you

Your Neighborhood Printer


Founded in 2001, New Castle Printing is a locally based design and print management company with the lofty goal of effectively reinventing the traditional outsourcing and estimating process which, up until now, has been plagued with high marked up rates, middle man inefficiencies and delays.

NPG prints at an astoundingly high 300 Lines Per Inch (LPI), which means your printed materials will have over 75% more clarity than the traditional 175 LPI the other guys print at.


The difference is clear- printing with NPG will give you a crisp and sharp image, giving you the best finished product.


Can you see the difference!